1966 Started operations with foundry of Brass Casting under the name of B.M. Sharma Molding Works.
1971 Manufacturing of Hand Pump Parts.
1980 Aman Engineering Works was established for manufacturing of “KRANTI” Water Meters.
1985 Got the first Govt. Contract from BMC for Water Meters.
1989 Production Capacity Increased to 50000 Water Meters Annually.
1995 Introduced fully automatic injection molding machines for manufacturing of plastic parts.
2000 Production Capacity Increased to 200000 Water Meters Annually.
2007 Shifted to new premises with an area of 12000 Sq. Meter.
2008 Introduced fully Automatic CNC machines for complete process.
2008 Got Quality Excellence Award.
2010 Production Capacity increased to 500000 Water Meters Annually.
2011 Introduced “KRANTI” brand Industrial Valves & Boiler Mountings.
2014 Introduced “KFLOW” brand MID Certified IP68 Water Meters with size range 15mm to 500mm.
2016 Introduced fully automatic IMR make brass casting machine with capacity of 7000 kg per day.
2018 Introduced Smart / AMR Water Meters with remote, wireless readout system for utilities.
2019 Valves division shifter to new premises with an area of 18000 sqm.
2020 Introduced robotic injection molding machines with no man power needed and Legacy Continues…….

Why us ?

We are a team of experienced professional who are manufacturing Water Meters & Valves to precisely check on every drop of water.

Focused on Water Meters

When it comes to domestic Water Meters, our brand ‘KRANTI’ is a name to recon with and firmly etched in the minds of discerning people not only in India but all over. KRANTI’s mission is excellence in quality.

Strong Corporate Philosphy

A heart that beats for tomorrow To effectively use nature’s own gift, water in the most judicious and resourceful manner and alleviate the growing water crisis facing our planet and nation.

Mind that Thinks Positively

Think innovatively and come up with win-win solutions, always. Delivering the world-class best rated products, complemented by exemplary services. Our quality products satisfy the client’s requirements totally.

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